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ISS on voice?

The first potential operating window for voice operations from ISS started
at 0753-0813 UTC today [midnight my time].  This was a suggested time in
concert with the observation of the "40th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight".

I started listening two passes before and at 0749 UTC, my AOS, but nothing
heard from ISS.  I did hear a brief carrier at 0753 with no modulation, but
figured it might have been a local checking the (wrong) frequency.  My LOS
was at 0757 so could not know if west coast Canada-US stations were able to
contact the space station; they had until 0813 UTC, I believe.

I did not hear any packet activity on the downlink either, which seems
strange, but maybe the active packet stations had not achieved AOS in my
window.  I'm kind of surprized there are no Alaskan or western Canadian
packet stations on ISS.  If there was activity before 0757 UTC could you
e-mail me...that would tell me I got a problem.

It is remotely possible that I am unable to hear ISS, but using a 9 dB
vertical with only a maximum ISS elevation of 14 degrees above the southern
horizon I would think that would be sufficient.  After all I can hear AO-10
near horizon and copied the AO-40 2m telemetry (when it worked) on this
antenna, both at much longer range.

Anyway, curious if anyone else made voice contact?


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