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Re: ISS UtIquette

ALERT:  We are beginning to hear a lot of packet on UO-14 (uplink
145.875).  Two possible causes related to ISS are:

1)  Possibly a combination of Doppler, AFC and rig offsets making
UO-14 actually hear packets being uplinked to ISS on 145.990.  Someone
could test this hypothisis...  At 12 Khz separation, powerful packets will
probably be heard but not decoded...

2)  Rigs being used for ISS and then QSYing to monitor UO-14 and
forgetting to turn their PACKET off.  

Both of these are solved by adherence to rule number 2 in the ISS

> ISS UtIquette:
> Since TNC's and PC's can be rather tireless at sending packets, the
> following rule of "ISS UtIquette" might be a good idea...
> 1)  If your station is attended, then operate in accordance with good
> operating practice... Make packets as short as practical and share, and
> use the minimum power necessary to communicate.... etc...
> 2)  If your station is unattended, put it in RECEIVE only mode.
> 3)  If you need to conduct special tests which might not fit either
> category above, then please limit your ERP to 5 Watts or less.  THis way,
> your packet will probably not QRM anyone trying to work ISS; yet if the
> channel is clear, it will get through.

de WB4APR, Bob

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