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WinNT and WinOrbit

Hi Jim,
            In my experience with WinOrbit and WinNT4 SP6 is I did get an
error once when NT changed to Daylight Saving Time because WinOrbit (as one
of it setup parameters) requires an input of the time difference between UTC
and Local time. This input has to be manually changed when the relationship
of UTC to Local Time changes. For me it needs +10 for Eastern Standard Time
and +11 for Eastern Summer Time. WinOrbit will not automaticly change and so
if the Local time changes then it will suddenly have 1 hour errors.


Murray Peterson
Wiley Park (Sydney),

 Maybe this _is rocket science...
> >
> > Logsat 5.1 on the NT4 box shows ISS in the wrong place.  An identical
> > copy of Logsat on the OS/2 box with the same keps appears to be
> > correct.  Time, date, TZ offset, DST, etc. have all been
> > quadruple-checked.
> >
> > Suggestions?
> >
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> > Jim Shorney      -->.<--Put complaints in this box

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