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RE: PC Interface for G-5400G Update

The parallel port is on its last legs.

If you just want to twiddle bits, these guys make a little USB powered
interface board that can be controlled with HTML, JAVA, C, Basic etc.  Just
about any OS except NT4.0 can be used.  They also make some A/D, RS232, and
other I/O daughter boards that work with it but i can't vouch for how well
they work.



>thanks to everyone who doesn't read my messages.
>I have received many many good ideas to work around my problem, ... but
>that gives me the solution that I require.
>A parallel port solution is OUT, as it requires device drivers for Windows
>NT/2000, ... which are hard to come by!
>Yes I could (and indeed do right now), use an old box just for tracking!
>.... I'd rather just use 1 machine!
>What I want is an RS232 device that will control my G5400B without me
>getting out my soldering iron!
>I'm coming to the conclusion that it is build your own time!
>Paul C. L. Willmott, VP9MU, G6KCV
>AO-40 Telemetry Archive

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