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Re: NT strikes again...

Dual P6-800s
256Mb RAM
50Gb disk space
Dimension 4 to time.nist.gov for time set

STSPLUS is ALWAYS way off on it's time for me. Shame too, I've gotten
quite used to it. 

Current time is 1229 MDT as reported by W2K. STSPlus 0114 shows current
time as 05:04:13 MDT at startup. Says that, no matter when I start it
and every time it starts.

No other applications running, or a whole slew of 'em - no difference.

Not a horsepower problem here at least. But definatly a problem, most
likley I'm not Ring TFM well enough and have missed something. What
happens when you 'think' you know a program after using it for a bit,
and it gets upgraded - time to go back and RTFM again I bet. It's on the
'ToDo' list.


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