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Re: UPDATE - QSLing Packet on the ISS

Thank you, Bruce, for following up on this issue.  I know the specific querry was regarding digipeated QSO's via ISS.  This sounds fine, since both stations must be in the shawdow of the satellite at the same time.  What about the store-and-forward satellites?  

I assume the specific issue is:  what constitutes a "satellite QSO" (DXCC) or "satellite contact" (VUCC)?  Intuitively, I do not think this qualifies as a QSO in the traditional sense, although the only rules reference I can find is in WAS, 2, requiring "two-way communication."  I think it can be argued an exchange of emails on KO-25 is "two-way communication... established on amateur bands."
Jerry, K5OE

ps:  CQ all digital ops in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.  Please send me a message on UO-22 or KO-25 and I will respond immediately.  Please provide your direct QSL information in the message and I will send you a card the same day!

In a message dated Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:19:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Bruce Paige" <kk5do@arrl.net> writes:

<< okay, guys...let's go for it. iss qso's will be accepted towards arrl awards as 
long as you heed the rules.

Hi Bruce,

This is our interpretation:

"Band and mode for Satellite DXCC, VUCC and WAS are irrelevant. There 
are no band or mode categories for Satellite DXCC, VUCC, or WAS. For a 
contact made through an ISS repeater device, you only get credit toward a 
satellite award, not a band or mode award."

I refer you to Section I of the DXCC rule 1(m) and rule 6, which states:

1(m). Satellite: Contacts must be made using satellites since March 1, 1965.
Confirmations must indicate satellite QSO. 

6. All contacts must be made with amateur stations working in the authorized
amateur bands or with other stations licensed or authorized to work amateurs.
Contacts made through "repeater" devices or any other power relay methods 
(other than satellites for Satellite DXCC) are invalid for DXCC credit. 


Bill Moore NC1L

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