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PSK demodulation

How does the 400 bps BPSK downlink on AO-40 (and others before it)
compare to the 1200 bps BPSK downlink on the early PACSATs? I
think I read that some of the 1200 modems (eg Paccomm PSK-1) 
could do both formats. Is it just a different modulation rate?

I am thinking about software demodulation for the PACSAT downlink.
Tom Sailer's latest soundmodem package has two modems of interest.
One is a PSK modem for terrestrial use, which runs at about 7600 BPS
and is supposed to be compatible with standard FM transceivers
(ie using the standard audio connections, not the direct connections
used for 9600). The other is a demodulator only for P3D. If the
400 BPS downlink is similar to the 1200 BPS PACSAT downlink,
it might be easy to modify the demodulator to do the PACSAT


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