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the solution Re: PC Interface Update 2

At 06:45 PM 4/10/2001, Paul Willmott wrote:
>A parallel port solution is OUT, as it requires device drivers for Windows
>NT/2000, ... which are hard to come by!

You can use a generic parallel port driver, which is not customized to a 
particular function and not hard to come by.  There are several generic 
drivers that do nothing but grant you the rights to do parallel port I/O 
from a user process.  I've not used any of these, but some are described 
(along with lots of other related stuff) on parallel port 
central.  <http://www.lvr.com/parport.htm>

For example, the tiny port driver (shareware).  Description and link below:

TinyPort is a Windows NT / Windows 2000 device driver that allows I/O over 
ports, comparable to _inp and _outp in C, the Port array in Borland Pascal, 
or the INP and OUT instructions in Basic. It permits what Windows NT 
normally prohibits: to directly read or write hardware ports from 
application programs. In contrast to some other proposed solutions, 
TinyPort doesn't compromise the safety and stability of Windows NT.

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