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ISS UtIquette

ISS UtIquette:
UI digipeating from space has great potential for bringing live-human
QSO's back to digital satellites.  This mode was quite well exercised
during the last year of MIR giving many stations lots of operating
experience.  One lesson was...

Since TNC's and PC's can be rather tireless at sending packets, the
following rule of "ISS UtIquette" might be a good idea...

1)  If your station is attended, then operate in accordance with good
operating practice... Make packets as short as practical and share, and
use the minimum power necessary to communicate.... etc...

2)  If your station is unattended, put it in RECEIVE only mode.

3)  If you need to conduct special tests which might not fit either
category above, then please limit your ERP to 5 Watts or less.  THis way,
your packet will probably not QRM anyone trying to work ISS; yet if the
channel is clear, it will get through.

ERP means Effective Radiated power.  This includes antenna gain.  Or said
another way, an HT on an OMNI, not on a BEAM... etc.  It WILL work "if the
channel is clear"...  IN fact, 1W will work...

A summay of past and present UI digipeating in space can
be found on http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html

DISCLAIMER:  I have no official position with ISS, ARISS, or AMSAT and I
hope I am not suggesting something out of place....

de WB4APR, Bob

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