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RE: ISS Reach out to youth

> > I suspect we will begin to see many HT demonstration's via 
> ISS!  That is
> > my dream, for handheld school, student and scout demos...
> We gotta reach out to youth:
> Dan Golden (NASA Director) just flashed a slide on NASA TV showing the
> trend in EE majors versus PARKS/SPORTS/LEISURE majors over the last 20
> years.

True Bob.  It's the same here too.  Radio is somewhat of a black art to many
in the IT industry, where I work.  Whether it's something as basic as
finding old Ethernet coax by 'foxhunting' it, or trying to explain why cheap
video switches and cable cause all manner of ghosting.

And wireless networking is going to make it more important to understand RF
in the IT field.

> Whats wrong with this picture?

Pretty obvious, if you ask me...

> Its going to be interesting to see the future with everything going 
> digital and wireless and then we will all wonder why nothing will work
> reliably anymore... in close proximity to any  other device...

It'll probably be the hams and field techos who manage to keep things
working, until the industry realises we need more RF people.  

Ham radio is one way to introduce young people to the science of radio, and
it's up to us to show our hobby in the best possible light.
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