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ISS ...OK from Sicily

Hi All,

yep I have tried just this evening and the ISS still have the "NOCALL" 
callsign HI!!! that's sound like on board the Space Station High Tecnology  

I'm Joke, so I have also a problem with my PTT line on ACC1 (rear panel) of 
Maybe there is the transistor for PTT service broken because I can measure 
about 5Volt form the pin 3 and ground ,when I go in TX with microphone the 
voltage go down to 0Volt and this is rigth (also descript on manual).
When I put the ground potentiall on pin 3 (amnually or from TNC) my RTX 
still in RX.
I need the schematich if is possible because with the "revers engeeneiring" 
is very hard and I'm stop on the SMD transistor without ID.
Any help will be welcome, therefore now I can put the PTT line via the MIC 
line on gront pannel but It's not good everyone change MIC or Packet.

73 de Andrea IT9GSV

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