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ISS Packet with Kenwood THD7A

Last night I tried to contact ISS with my Kenwood THD7A.  I was
successfull at RX, however I don't think my TX got there...

I'm also using a Arrow 146/437-10 antenna however where I'm stuck is two
places.  First, what's the best way for me to configure my Kenwood?  For
now I've setup one memory with a split chanel however, if I leave my
sqelch on constant (so I can hear if I'm receiving my signal) the TNC in
the kenwood won't transmit.  The manual says that if I put the second VFO
on VHF and put it on a packet freq, that it should decode that band also.
However I'm a bit confused since you can only configure band A or band B
as the data band.  when I tried this, ISS had already passed over the
horizon so I don't know if it'll work...

Any suggestions for what I can do to fix or make this work?  Thanks!


Zachary McGibbon
VA2ZAC - mzac@northco.net

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