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ISS Reach out to youth

> I suspect we will begin to see many HT demonstration's via ISS!  That is
> my dream, for handheld school, student and scout demos...

We gotta reach out to youth:
Dan Golden (NASA Director) just flashed a slide on NASA TV showing the
trend in EE majors versus PARKS/SPORTS/LEISURE majors over the last 20

Needless to say, the EE majors have shown a steady decline, and the
PARKS/SPORTS/LEISURE majors a steady increase.  They crossed in the early
90's and now we have double as many PARKS/SPORTS/LEISURE majors and HALF
the number of EE's...

Whats wrong with this picture?

Did you read about the NY City Fire department that spent $30M on new
sophisticated digital do-everything radios for every firefighter, but then
had to abandon them completely after only 2 days because they just would
not work in and around the scene of the fire?  It may have been desiged by
DIGITAL twidgets with dissregard for common communications RF engineering
tenets... (just a guess)  

Its going to be interesting to see the future with everything going 
digital and wireless and then we will all wonder why nothing will work
reliably anymore... in close proximity to any  other device...


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