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Re: QSLing Packet on the ISS

At 08:39 AM 4/10/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Edward R. Cole wrote:
>>I get a
>>sense of this from his statement that the digipeater is an additional power
>>relay method to the space station...huh?  Certainly the answer is quite
>I think the drift of this is: not only does the digi *repeat* the signal, 
>but it *recreates* it (rather like the reason making a digital copy of 
>music is loss-free) and thus is the *equivalant* of additional power. Any 
>number of digi hops leaves you with exactly the same signal you started with.

Most FM birds demod to audio and then modulates again recreating the FM
signal. I believe AO-21 went even further and went to digital and then used
a DSP to create the FM-downlink.

So I guess my WAS and VUCC via SO-21 should not have counted since it 
digitally recreated the signal.  I guess it time to reapply using only SSB 
transponder contacts.

I suppose the SO-35 parrot repeater should not have counted either. It also may
have gone to digital and been remodulated.

I don't see how these differ from using unproto digi keyboard to keyboard QSO.
I never did work any new grids using that mode on Mir.  The signal is converted
to digital, and then the digital signal is used to modulate the 
transmitter. Whats
is the difference!  sounds like 0 and 1's bias to me.

Randy N7SFI
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