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Re: QSLing Packet on the ISS

Edward R. Cole wrote:

> I get a
> sense of this from his statement that the digipeater is an additional power
> relay method to the space station...huh?  Certainly the answer is quite
> confusing.

I think the drift of this is: not only does the digi *repeat* the 
signal, but it *recreates* it (rather like the reason making a digital 
copy of music is loss-free) and thus is the *equivalant* of additional 
power. Any number of digi hops leaves you with exactly the same signal 
you started with.

I'm expecting to see some digital modes through AO-40 someday that will 
challenge these notions of what a "QSO" is. If we become too 
dissatisfied with the ARRL rules, of course AMSAT is perfectly capbable 
of inventing it's own awards and rules too.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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