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Re: QSLing Packet on the ISS

First of all, thanks Bruce for trying to get an answer from ARRL.

Reading the answer very carefully it sounds like Bill Moore is confused by
the question.  Lets see, all contacts that are not direct do not qualify
for awards.  So I guess "all" satellite contacts are invalid since they are
not direct...they are "repeated" thru a satellite.  Or all digital contacts
that go thru a satellite do not qualify.  Or...did Bill think that after
the signal went through ISS, it was digipeated on the ground?  I get a
sense of this from his statement that the digipeater is an additional power
relay method to the space station...huh?  Certainly the answer is quite

I do not operate the digital birds so I don't know.  But are all contacts
made through digital birds unqualified for any ARRL awards.  Sounds like
mode discrimination to me...after all don't voice contacts through
satellite qualify for awards?  How abour CW?  

OR maybe he is really saying "we don't want you to use the ISS equipment
for award chasing".  Yeh?  OK then just say so!  

I was thinking that someday I might try for 2m eme-WAS but darn, its not
direct...its bounces off the moon.
Sorry for my attitude...the answer just sounds like bureaucratic...bleep!

>From: "Bruce Paige" <kk5do@arrl.net>
>there have been several people post that they would send a qsl card if 
>someone needs it for contacts through the iss digipeter.
>well, before you go through all the trouble...i asked the bill moore of
the arrl 
>(who manages VUCC and DXCC) if these contacts would count for anything. 
>here is the reply...
>REPLY: Any contact for DXCC, VUCC and WAS etc will not count through 
>any digipeater even one in space. All conatcts must be one to one direct. For
>Satellite awards while the satellite is basically a digipeater of sorts the
>digipeater is an additional power relay method in addition to the space 
>station and it would not count.
>Bill Moore NC1L
>thus...as an award manager, if a card should be presented with a packet qso, 
>it will have to be disallowed.
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