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Dumb Questions about Packet?

Hi everone,
        I was hoping someone might like to explain a few things to me
(probably better direct - not via this list).

1) I have never used packet before.
2) I have downloaded AGW Packet Engine and installed it on my PC (Pentium II
233 MHz 128 MB ram - OS WinNT 4). I intend to use the Sound Card - I don't
have a TNC.
3) This computer has a dialup modem and is connected to a LAN. The internet
connection on this computer is the gateway for the rest of the LAN.
4) I have ChromaPix and TrueRTTY and they both work fine.
5) The soundcard is connected to the "AF Out" (constant level) and the
"Patch In" on my Yaesu 767GX. I usually use the VOX to key the TX.

    How do I setup the AGW Packet engine correctly and how does one normally
use Packet? ie what do I type into it to avoid annoying everyone? What do I
type into it to get the ISS system to digipeat my Callsign (VK2KGM) for
instance? I know the links have been posted on the list before but what is
the uplink and downlink frequencies for packet? Are they the same as the
voice frequencies (145.800 down & 144.490 up) ?

Murray Peterson

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