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Re: IPS and Amateur Satellite Software

doug@dougbraun.com (Douglas Braun & Nadia Papakonstantinou) writes:

> I would think that this "write-only" nature of IPS could be a real problem
> for satellite software, given the long timeframe from design to construction
> to launch to satellite end-of-life.

I think this "write-only" thing about IPS and various Forth environments is
way over-blown.

It's possible to write crappy code in any language.  Believe me, I've read a
*lot* of crappy code ove the years.  I don't believe it is inevitable that 
code in any particular language has to be hard to read, though.

The more flexibility a programming environment gives you, the more discipline
you need to apply to avoid getting into the situation Tom described.  Some 
people have that discipline, some don't.

73 - Bdale, KB0G
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