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Improving ALON...better AO-40 signal?

The following from Peter, Amsat-DL and just posted by ANS:

Expected Timetable 
Apr 05 146/0 280/5 -44 72% (lock loss) 
Apr 18 110/0 289/11 -79 19% 
Apr 25 90/0 294/14 -63 45% 
May 03 70/0 299/17 -39 77%

I gather ALON is AO-40's antenna orientation at apogee to its orbital
reference, where ALON=0 looks straight at earth [or the opposite, straight
away from earth]?  ALAT is the elevation of the antenna orientation above
or below the orbital plane, at apogee, I guess?  What I'm asking for is an
understanding at what point the change will begin to show favorable antenna
orientation to earth near apogee?

I am currently using NOVA and have discovered where to enter ALON, ALAT,
but do not know how to see the MA from the program.  Where is it displayed?
 It does not show in the usual satellite parameter window or on the map
views.  I've looked thru lots of the set up screens but to no avail [asking
for directions, now].  IT sure was nice as it showed this on a diagram of
the orbit.

I [and other high latitude stations] have particular interest in this since
we have no satellite view when it is near perigee [the currently favorable
observing period].  Yesterday, at the end of my window [20 minutes from
LOS], AO-40's range dipped down to something like 8500 km which was one of
the rare opportunities to view this close to perigee.  

Unfortunately I didn't get my 2.4G equipment set up in time.  At least I
checked out the Drake and it seems to be working.  I need a better support
than my old camera tripod.  Once I can hear the S2 signal, I will consider
permanently mounting the dish on the roof.  I could detect no sun noise,
but not surprized by that.  I need a lower NF and probably larger dish.

Anyway it is looking like things may improve in May.  Am I interpreting
this correctly?


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