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Re: ISS Packet

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, someone asked:

> Bob,
> last night I put a rig on 145.80 for ISS.
> This afternoon after checking to see what i got over night
> there was not a thing - zero - zip - blank screen looking back at me.

If you are new to satellites, remember that only a few dB of coax loss and
you may miss everything.  You will hear better with an HT in your hand or 
in your car where there is no loss between your antenna and the rig.

And with satellites you can be sitting at your picnic table with a
magmount on a sheet of metal and hear the same signal as if you were on a
mountain top... so its a different world with satellites.  You cannot
afford to give up any dB in coax loss, but then again, HEIGHT, that
normally precious VHF commodoty is of no particular value as long as you
can see the sky...

Last night, my 6 dB vertical at 80' fed with 100' of 3/4" hardline heard
only one APRS packet via ISS, yet sittin in my Mobile, I heard almost


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