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Re: AIDC 3373 and a newbie to 2.4Ghz


This may be what you are looking for. It's a 50 mHz source with
a 2400 Mhz tuned line : http://www.havilandtelco.com/homepages/gregwycoff/tsld008.htm

Two links on that page:

>Dear Group,
>Newbie here!
>Anyone know if it is practical or possible to build a
>2401 Mhz bandpass filter with a simple PCB? What I am trying to
>do is to "filter" the output of a simple "harmonic" signal generator.
>I'd like a bandpass of maybe 50Mhz. If someone could point me to
>the appropriate reading material on the design of microstrip filters,
>etc. I'd like to learn more...
>What is the conscensus on the best (in print) books to  get started
>with on microwave design? If anyone in the Tampa, FL area knows
>of a decent engineering library with books on the topic, that would be
>very helpful.
>Vince Risalvato
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>> Kevin and Group ,
>>      Here is what I have seen..
>> Lot's clipped
>> > listening at MA28-50 and MA240-250.  Farthest distance was 44,000km,
>> nearest
>> > was 9,500km.  I have the 3'x2' barbeque dish, and an untouched AIDC3373.
>> We have identical setups.  I have never copied at 44,000 km  at 9,500 my
>> setup will hear it, but probably not decode anything.  AO40Rcv will try to
>> sync, but never suceed.  I have gotten blocks in a little closer, and I have
>> gotten good CRC blocks closer still.
>> > I'm new to 2.4G, but not at all new to satellites or RF.  I've worked
>> AO-10
>> > and AO-13 extensively.  I have no test equipment for 2.4, nothing to
>> > generate a signal... Actually nothing to generate an RF signal at all
>> except
>> > for various HF, VHF and UHF transmitters. I do have a 1.2G xverter (in
>> need
>> > of repair!).
>> I have no special test gear for  S-Band either. I lashed together a harmonic
>> generator (5 1/2 Watt 47K Ohm resistors in parallel with a 1N4005 diode) as
>> seen on K5OE's web page.   My handheld will TX out of band, so I did the
>> following.  If you feed the 'harmionic generator' with  141.175 MHz the 17th
>> harmonic comes out at 2399.975 MHz (141.180 yields 2400.060 MHz / 144 MHz
>> yield 2448.000 MHz)  I think you get the picture.  Spin around the expected
>> output of the converter until you find the signal.  Repeat this with several
>> different frequencies being fed into your 'harmonic generator'.  The
>> frequency of the down conversion should remain constant.  My downconverter
>> always downconverts by 2277.988 MHz (i.e. 2400.060 MHz into the
>> downconverter shows up at 122.072 MHz on my receiver).
>> > 1) How acurate is the frequency of these downconverters....  How large a
>> > search range should I use to find 2401.318?  100Khz?  500Khz?  1Mhz?
>> They are not acurate, by ssb standards, but they should be repeatable!  Note
>> my above paragraph.
>> > 2) Whats the simplest way to create a test signal on 2400?  My 1.2G
>> xverter
>> > is in need of repair, but even so, i use my IC-706 for the IF for that
>> too.
>> > I have HF thru 440Mhz working, and a frequency counter that goes to 1Ghz.
>> The quick and dirty 'harmonic generator' seems sufficent.
>> >
>> > 3) What test equipment might I find useful, plentyful (read as cheap) for
>> > use up here?  I do enjoy home brewing, but I'm usually at a loss as to
>> what
>> > to build for 1Ghz+.  I'm completly a newbie with regard to MMIC's and
>> stuff
>> > (altho they sure do seem like "connect the dots" and they just work!)
>> >
>> I've gotten close enough decode using FODTrack to point the antennas, and
>> adjust the doppler completely unattended.  Nothing special here.  I might
>> add I also put some time and effort in re-aligning my antennas.  The 2' x 3'
>> dish seems to be narrower (no real suprise) than my 2 meter and/or 70 cm
> > Yagi.  I just 'eyeballed it' on the North star.
>> 73, and Good Luck,
>> Joe
>> ka0yos@amsat.org
>> > Thanks in advance!
>> > Kevin Uhlir
>> > N0BEL
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