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WXSAT question

Hi Lawrence and anyone who can help.  I have been reading 'View From Above' 
in Monitoring Times, and since the program is available from AMSAT, I think 
there could be some angel out there who has the answer.

I have been RXing good HF FAX  of the weather and other items w/ WXSAT 
program.  I cannot straighten out the horizontal.  One is instructed to go to 
EDIT and click on the X.  I drag it around and all that happens is a jolt of 
the whole image.  It never straightens out the horizontal.  

I'm sure that I am going to catch a lot of dander for sending this out, but I 
would like to be able to view the images without trying to stand on my head.

This is only one of my frustrations, I'll get to the rest some time later.  

Thanks ahead, if you do reply,  please do so direct to kc5yre@amsat.org.
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