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Re: PC Interface for G-5400G

If you decide to drag out the soldering iron, I have
made an antenna controller  that is driven by the Icom
CI-V interface.  The antenna controller acts like a
pseudo-radio and interprets a "set VFO" command as "set AZ/EL".
WispDDE supports this protocol.

The advantage of this approach is of course that only one serial
port is needed to control both the radio and the antennas.

And if your radio is a Kenwood instead of an Icom, I humbly
suggest my PIC-based CIV-Kenwood translator circuit which
makes a Keenwood radio look like an Icom radio (at least well
enough to track satellites).

The antenna controller circuit basically consists of a 16F84 PIC,
a relay driver IC, and 4 relays.  It is built entirely on a couple
of Pic-Stic circuit boards sold by Dontronics in Australia, so I did
not have to mess with making a PC board or do any rat's nest
breadboard wiring.


At 09:25 AM 4/9/01 , you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've been happily using my KCT to control the G-5400G Az/El controller for
>many years, however my new PC doesn't have an ISA slot. Can anyone recommend
>an interface that will drive this controller from an RS232 port, ... I have
>lots of spare serial ports, and RS232 is easy to control.
>Being short of spare time, I'd prefer a ready built unit, ... but will dig
>out the soldering iron if really necessary.
>Paul, VP9MU
>Paul C. L. Willmott, VP9MU, G6KCV
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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