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Re: More AIDC 3373 & newbie.

I have had good luck using HT harmonics (with a DJ-580).
I didn't need any fancy-pants harmonic generator circuit, either.
I just set the HT to the lowest power setting and put
a dummy load on the antenna terminal.

I can easily pick it up from 20 feet away with my helix antenna.

Make sure you turn off the tone generator!

If you can mute the xmit audio, that helps a lot, too.
You could get the appropriate plug for the external mike
(a submini stereo headphone plug, in my case) and rig
up dummy external audio/PTT circuit.

Don't expect to receive audio very well even in FM mode,
because the FM deviation will be multiplied as much
as the carrier frequency, so it will mostly overload
the receiver.

Finally, don't forget to turn off the repeater split!


At 08:20 AM 4/9/01 , Mark L. Hammond wrote:

>>2) A handheld multiplied up is a poor signal generator.
>Hrm...I've had fantastic luck with my HT.  Did you put your receiver on narrow band FM?  In other words, be sure your receiver and transmitter are in the same mode!  Transmitting an FM signal while listening in SSB receive naturally produces a "garbled" sound.  When both are on FM, I get audio feedback if my HT is too close to my receive speaker!!
>Oh--another HT tidbit--I apparently get a better 16th harmonic signal when transmitting on LOWEST power from my Alinco HT.

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