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Re: More AIDC 3373 & newbie.

Hi Kevin,

>1) The AIDC 3373 is probably +20 to +30 Khz off. (could someone tell me if
>this is acceptable, my gut reaction is that it is well within the norm)

Sounds about right.

>2) A handheld multiplied up is a poor signal generator.

Hrm...I've had fantastic luck with my HT.  Did you put your receiver on 
narrow band FM?  In other words, be sure your receiver and transmitter are 
in the same mode!  Transmitting an FM signal while listening in SSB receive 
naturally produces a "garbled" sound.  When both are on FM, I get audio 
feedback if my HT is too close to my receive speaker!!

Oh--another HT tidbit--I apparently get a better 16th harmonic signal when 
transmitting on LOWEST power from my Alinco HT.

>The next step:
>There is a pass tomorrow morning with MA=240 at 9:15 local time.  I'll be
>trying things out again from MA=240 to 250, as per Ian's suggestion.  My
>experiments here reinforce the fact that I should have heard something on my
>prior attemts.  Things seem to be closer to the 100khz that I was searching
>through the first times.

Don't forget doppler!!  The times I have missed a bird, I was tuning too 
narrow of a frequency region.  Think "wide tuning." I nearly missed UO-11 
yesterday because of this exact thing.  At first I couldn't find the 
bird.  A wider tuning attack gave me something like an S6 signal from UO-11 
when in clear view straight overhead (S1-2 background noise level on my IC 
PCR-1000 ) on my 3' BBQ dish and TranSystem converter (only mod was to "cut 
the stub.")  Wow, talk about some doppler on this bird!  It must have been 
on the order of about  100-300 Hz/sec drop, maybe more.  That's one to 
three clicks of the mouse per second at 100 Hz steps!

The outside temps have gone up nearly 40-50 deg in the past week, so my 
TranSystem converter had moved up the band about 20-30 kHz in the heat of 
the afternoon, and I hadn't expected it to.  I have some PTC thermisters 
coming this week, so hopefully I can fix this issue :)

Keep on experimenting!  This microwave stuff is kinda fun :-)


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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