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I: Antenna Pointers

For all the gang, this is my direct answer about the subject.
Friday night, at our local radio club we had a successfull test with this
inexpensive tracker.
At the moment there isn't a PCB, but Vincenzo iw3fol is hardly working on
it, expecially to separate the logical part (PIC, LCD etc) by the power
circuit. In this version the motors are drived by optical triac, but relays
and other device are allowed.
The firmware is able to receive data in EASYCOMM format, and we have
succesfull tested all the stuff with NOVA and Predict.
IMHO Predict is better because is less "aggressive" than NOVA in sending
data via serial line: pointing data are sent only when there is a difference
of 1 degree in azimut or in zenit by Predict, otherwise Nova sends data
twice at second.
Any comments are welcomed.
                                            de i3vfj, Vittorio

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Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2001 10:55 AM
Subject: R: [amsat-bb] Antenna Pointers

> Take a look at http://digilander.iol.it/iw3fol or at home page of predict.
> This is a project developed by iw3fol and tested just yesterday night by
> iw3fol an me at our club station.
> The hardware (pic based) accept data via RS232 from every program that
> pointing data via serial line, and drive any combination of rotors (by our
> side G450 / G250 ...) that has a potentiometer to read position and a AC
> motor. The device has also LCD display and manual control, so that is
> possible to substitute the original controllers without any mods.
> Predict (by kd2bd) has also support (developed by me) for that purpose.
> Take care that the page from iw3fol are under development, so there isn't
> much docs... but ask directly to Vincenzo iw3fol.
> That's all for the moment.
> 73's de i3vfj, Vittorio
> also i3vfj@amsat.org

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