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RE: Packet on Kenwood TS-2000


> Is there a way of instructing the TS2000 TNC to send a packet while the
> squelch is open?

Not sure if this is what you're after, but here's a note I got from Jerry
K5OE via UO-22 - I hope he won't mind me putting it on the BB for everyone's

Never got around to trying it myself - I've been using an external TNC and
haven't quite learnt how to do everything on the TS-2000 yet.

73 Howard G6LVB

> --------------------[UO-22:0]--------------------
> From:     K5OE
> To:       G6LVB
> Subject:  TS-2000 Internal TNC & WISP
> Keywords: <W>
> ----------------------------------------
> To  : G6LVB
> From: K5OE
> Time: 001014UTC
> Date: 05 Mar 2001
> -----------------
> Hello Howard,
> Set the squelch to about S3.  When you request a DIR or want to
> upload, momemtarily press the PRE button (off) on the rig.
> This will trigger the transmit for about 1 second.  Then push
> the PRE > again (on) to go back to receive.  You may need to do
> it several times to connect to the server and then upload.

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