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RE: Looking for Commodore tracking sw


> The last time I saw my 8008, my friend
> Howard was sitting in the middle of the floor with a big box of
> multiplexer chips, about 100 optical isolators, several miles of
> wire, a programming manual for the 8008, and a frown on his face.


> I guess Howard realized you can't build a starship
> within a two-week schedule, no matter how hard you try.

Those were most definitely the days! I think one of my biggest achievements
was writing a BCD integer divide routine - no not one of those cheap
'subtract until you reach zero or overflow', but a proper speeded up long
division divide. In those days over in the UK we had no magazines, and had
to make do with Dr Dobbs (if we were very lucky) for ideas. No Internet of

All the books for several years to come were very academic. It took many
years after that for the vast majority of more informal books that were
published to become anything other than dross. I think there were a large
number of people in those days getting on a publishing gravy train.

I might have been (and still am) a geek, and I had many of my peers poking
fun at me... but strangely enough nowadays the tables have turned somewhat!

73 Howard G6LVB

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