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ISS packet count from X1J node

Boy, I bet that subject line drew some attention!  Don't fear...
yes,  I am receiving ISS packet tx on 145.8 using a
thenet x1j node,  but the tnc is not rigged for transmit.  It's the
only thing I have for ax.25 receive right now.

But the neat thing is that I can log in to it, run the MH command,
and get a nice tidy report of the stations heard thru ISS,  as well
as the packet count.  Using Fodtrack for tuning Icom 746,  but the
antenna is a lowly j-pole,  certainly less spectacular rx than it could
be.  But it allows me to burn in the node tnc,  as well as figit with
Fodtrack,  so I'll leave it on for a few days and see how the activity

Here's the 1st heard list (from the 0129ut 4-9 pass).  I'll
work on getting the clock set tommorrow.

Callsign    Pkts   Port  Time       Type
WF1F        3      0     0:17:17
KA3HDO      1      0     0:18:7
KB2WQM-4    2      0     0:18:24


Rich Dailey, KA8OKH - Phyllis Dailey, KB4NPI
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