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ISS passes.

The last pass 2355z, I saw N4ZQ, KB3GGU, N2QBR, WB4APR, K3XS.

As people get in to read their Sunday Evening Email, its going to be a Zoo
on the next one!  As more people congest the uplink, its Kindergarden all
over again... Remember to SHARE...

ALl you need to do is see your own packet about once every 3 minutes or so
for everyone in the footprint to see ya!

and NO CONNECTS!  The last thing we need are ACKS and RETRIES jamming
everyone...  I was sittin in my car using only the mobile and its whip.

If you want to QSL, then put ALL the calls you want to QSL in a single

de WB4APR, Bob

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