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Re: Mars Odyssey on way to Mars

Hi Ed,

Here is a neat tool I've used several times before:  CataList, the Listserv 
search engine.  It's pretty good...

Searching for "mars" it finds 16 hits (some not applicable...)


Perhaps it's this one?


Anyhow, perhaps you can find it this route.



At 06:27 AM 4/8/2001, Edward R. Cole wrote:
>Not only that, but they plan to test the 437.1 MHz UHF Relay xmtr [10w to
>0-few dBi antenna] at about day 60 when the s/c is 20M km from earth.  I
>sent a subscription request to the remailer for that test but it bounced.
>Anyone know the correct e-mail address for the "MARS-NET" remailer list.
>Phillip Chien, KC4YER wrote in CQ-Magazine [page 57] this month that the
>subscription could be sent to <Listserv@VM.StLawU.edu>, but that address
>bounced as "no such address"...
>In 1996 they conducted a similar test with the MGS UHF Relay and there was
>great discussions on how to detect the signal on the list, then.  Is anyone
>on the list that can supply the correct address?  There is no reference to
>it or the test anywhere on the Odyssey web page.  In 1996 Amsat had a link
>describing the test in detail.
>Well, maybe Phillip is doing an April-Fools on us?

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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