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Re: IPS and Amateur Satellite Software

   Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 03:51:06 +0000
   From: Roy Welch <rdwelch@swbell.net>

   Anyone ever hear of Autocoder Assembly language on an IBM 1401?  No CRT, no
   keyboard, and only tape or punched card input!  A four foot square box with
   8k core RAM expandable to 16k.  No multiply feature unless you paid $4k
   more.  Otherwise you wrote your own add and shift stuff to multiply.  My
   first experience was in 1963 with this thing.  We wrote 200k programs with
   tape overlay routines and extended memory out onto tape.  Some fun!

   Gregory Beat wrote:
   > No, I still slash my zeroes, (and not the "ohs" which is another story)
   > great for the ham radio calls, but gets strange stares from our Java
   > programmers   :-)

Heh, I wrote SPS programs, with overlays that were read in through the
card reader, because I was using all four 7330 drives for data.

I also wrote code on the 7040, and we could put a 1401 on channel A
of the 7040 and use the 1403 to replace the console typewriter.
It made WatFor jobs run a LOT faster.

Usually we used the 1401 to make SYSIN tapes offline.

73, doug

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