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Re: IPS and Amateur Satellite Software

Mike Murphree wrote:
> That might be a shortcut method.   I still have an Atari 800 (salvaged the 400
> for parts) and there is a pretty good emulator in the FreeBSD ports
> collection.  I would be fairly certain that it should run under other Unix
> (and Linux) systems as well.

A while ago I thought about trying an ATARI 800 emulator. In fact, I found
a very good one (sorry forgot the name, but it was a german author).

IPS is accessing the video ram direct and also uses some timers to generate 
a 20ms system interrupt, etc.  If the hardware emulation is not very close 
to the original, than you are almost lost.. I never got IPS loaded into the 
emulator and so after a while I gave up.  It's probably faster to port IPS 
to the PC from scratch..  Like G3RUH did for the Acorn RISC PC and StrongARM 
SA1100 for the IHU-2.

If we can find some people which are willing to do all the low level I/O
and programming stuff, I'm sure Karl Meinzer, James Miller and others would
help to get the IPS part done.  Both don't use 80x86 based platforms like
the PC, so they can't help at the low level stuff.. they can show you the 
way how to get it done.

73s Peter

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