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Re: ISS Ham Cosmonautics QSO Day

Hi Will,

Thank you for your return message and we hope that the crew will switch
on the radio well before starting with the Western Russia schedule, a 20
min. earlier will serve Brazil and SA.
In the future I will send you on a weekly basis "good passes" to you, or in
other words, you tell me what will be your schedules, after you get set up
with your procedures.
We keep in touch.
Best Regards and Tks

Nicolaus Sallay-PP8DA
E-mail : n.sallay@internext.com.br

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> Hi Nicolaus:
> I'm sorry that there are no suggested passes for South America.  We were
> faced with a very tough decision due to the extremely limited number of
> suggested times we could send to the crew.  The decision was made to
> suport passes over the countries sponsoring the ARISS activities.
> Remember these are only suggested times.  I think everyone should
> monitor the passes over their area for that day.  The crew has been
> extremely busy and I'm hoping that they'll take any opportunity to be at
> the microphone.  But we need to be realistic.  The crew missed a
> scheduled school contact yesterday and a family contact today because
> they are so busy.  I'll be very happy if they do *any* general QSOs on
> Cosmonautics Day!
> I'm trying to get permission to, on a regular basis, send up a list of
> "good passes" that the crew can keep around as a reference.  I hope that
> that will encourage them to do more general QSOs.  If I can start doing
> that I will certainly include South American passes in the list.
>     73,
>     Will
> Nicolaus Sallay wrote:
> >
> > Hello Will,
> >
> > Thank you very much for the arrangement and the "suggested" passes.
> > For some unknown reason, you forgot to include S.America, we will have
> > a very good pass starting +_ 18.00 UTC until +_ 18.20 UTC and we will
> > be very happy to be included in the Cosmonautics QSO Day event.
> > Some years back, S.America had been excluded from a similar evnet
> > with MIR, managed by Mr.Miles Mann, who at the time gave us some
> > unreliable explanation for not including us in the event.
> > Best Regards,
> >
> > Nicolaus Sallay - PP8DA
> > E-mail : n.sallay@internext.com.br
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