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Re: IPS and Amateur Satellite Software

On Saturday 07 April 2001 11:58 am, you wrote:
> Douglas -- glad you found Karl's article in the library. I'm sure you'll
> find it interesting.
> Realize that the material is now ~23 years old. Given a Moore's law
> "technology doubles every year", remember that what you read is now a
> factor of ~ 2**23 = ~8,000,000 = ~69 dB behind current capabilities. When
> the article was published, Altair & Imsai S100 machines were at the edge of
> the state of the art and the Apple-I had been introduced as an alternative.
> Atari 400's were also available and Karl was using them as his preferred
> ground-based development tool.

That might be a shortcut method.   I still have an Atari 800 (salvaged the 400
for parts) and there is a pretty good emulator in the FreeBSD ports
collection.  I would be fairly certain that it should run under other Unix
(and Linux) systems as well.

Mike N4CNW
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