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Re: Explain the RG62 thing to me, please...

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> Well, the theory for the design I used is, as far as I understand it:
> Each dipole is 100 ohms individually. (I measured this with the SWR
> meter -- the SWR was about right for 100 ohms matched to 50 ohm
> coax/transmitter)....

Hummh... I'm not sure that you can make a 100 Ohm dipole.  If anything, a
practical dipole at VHF and UHF due to diameter of the elements is much
lower than 70 ohms and goes lower still when over the ground plane.  If
you inferred 100 ohms from SWR only, then it could just as easily have 
been 25 ohms which would have the same SWR to a 50 ohm line?


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