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Re: IPS and Amateur Satellite Software

In a message dated 01-04-03 14:35:39 EDT, you write:

> dquagliana@aol.com (Douglas Quagliana) originally wrote:
>  > Is there an IPS port for IBM-PCs (either Windows or Linux) ?
>  >    [...]
>  tjs then asks:
>  If you will permit, might I ask why you are looking for a current IPS port?
I'm looking for a current IPS port because I don't have an 1802 processor,
nor a RISC machine and I am interested in the working of AO-40.   

Don't you ever wonder *how* something works?  Have you ever 
taken something apart with a screwdriver just to see how it works?  
AO-40 runs IPS.  I want to learn how it works.  Simple.

>  It undoubtedly makes sense to have a modern (or at least readily
> accessible) development platform for the AO-40 software.
...and I'm still looking for an IPS system.   Anyone?  Anyone???

> [ discussion on relative merits of programming languages and
> open source deleted ]

     IPS has the added advantage that it has been proven to work, and
work well in the harsh satellite environment on minimal hardware.

     IPS is what AO-40 uses and this isn't likely to change.  If you want to 
learn how AO-40 really *really* works, you need to learn IPS
(and from what I know so far, you need to learn German IPS.  JA?  :-)  ).

Douglas KA2UPW
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