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Re: ISS Ham Cosmonautics QSO Day

Hello Will, 

Thank you very much for the arrangement and the "suggested" passes.
For some unknown reason, you forgot to include S.America, we will have
a very good pass starting +_ 18.00 UTC until +_ 18.20 UTC and we will
be very happy to be included in the Cosmonautics QSO Day event.
Some years back, S.America had been excluded from a similar evnet
with MIR, managed by Mr.Miles Mann, who at the time gave us some 
unreliable explanation for not including us in the event.
Best Regards, 

Nicolaus Sallay - PP8DA
E-mail : n.sallay@internext.com.br

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Subject: [amsat-bb] ISS Ham Cosmonautics QSO Day

> With the help of the ARISS team orbital mechanics expert (Gil WA5NOM)
> the ARISS team has prepared a list of *suggested* passes for the
> Cosmonautics Day event.  The actual pass times are expected to change by
> 10 or 15 minutes due to the unusually high level of solar activity.  The
> crew is very busy on the 12th and we'll all have to be patient and hope
> they can make a few of these *suggested* passes.  We encourage people to
> monitor all their passes that day, as the crew may need to adjust their
> schedule.  
> Western U.S.                    07:53-08:13 UTC
> Central Russia and Japan        13:43-14:13 UTC
> Western Russia                  18:29-18:49 UTC
> Europe                          19:59-20:19 UTC
> Australia                       18:58-19:18 UTC
> The east coast pass at the end of the day will not start until 21:21
> UTC, which we understand is into the crew sleep period.
> The standard frequencies will be used and are on the ARISS web pages
> (http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov).  Please LISTEN BEFORE TRANSMITTING!!!  You
> cannot complete a QSO unless you can hear the crew.  Transmitting when
> you can't first hear the crew only adds QRM and will spoil another
> person's QSO!  Wait until the crew calls for a new contact.  Then send
> your callsign on the uplink.  The crew will select someone for the next
> QSO.  Be patient until they finish and the crew calls for the next
> contact.  (Yes, SWL cards will be issued too.)  Please be courteous and
> help this crew work as many stations as possible.  Thanks, the ARISS
> team appreciates all the enthusiasm and patience of the worldwide ham
> community!
>         73,
>         The ARISS Team.
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