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Re: Rotor / Radio Control

n5gpc Wrote:

>>Anyone have any information on an "Endeavor AutoTracker Rotor Controller?"
>>Also, any advise regarding rotor/radio tuning control specifically for an
>>IC-820H will be appreciated.

I'm using one of these for Yaesu 5400B rotor control.

There are plusses and perhaps some minuses to this device.

On the plus side, it's a reasonably priced alternative to the Yaesu GS-232
computer-to-rotor-control-box interface.

It will also interface your computer serial port, to a "controllable" radio
(see http://endeavour-usa.com/autotracker.htm  for compatible radios and
control programs).

On the minus side, the ROM in the unit is updated when new radios 
come out and this sometimes
puts glitches in a previously-working section of the ROM.
This was the case with myself and two other Amsat-list members.
*I must say here that the manufacturer _did_ send me a corrected ROM 
and the unit
works fine for me now*.

Another slight minus is that the unit seems to put out birdies on 10m 
(I turn off the unit and the birdies go away).

Sorry, I don't have any specifics on use with the IC-820H.

Bill Howell
University of Texas at Austin
College of Fine Arts
Office of Computing Technologies
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