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Canberra 2.4 GHz opportunity

I do not like to ask questions already answered.
So, "I'm Sorry" for this repetition, folks.

I had not been following the Conifer discussions all that closely until I
realised in the last few days that I have some like these, and that there
are lots more to be had locally.

In my own yard, I have:

a.    Connifer II T5120, the boards are marked 700875A and 700874B, what
looks like a filter, with push-in slugs is marked [ DFY22R89C2R35BHD - Ch2
USA ANT S 54 Ch1 ], there isn a crystal marked 7.6210, with what I now
understand are on an 18dB antenna,
and I also have
b.    Pacific Monolithics PM3151-1951, that I have not opened up, on a 24dB

Another Amateur in town, whose business is installing satellite TV set-ups,
has confirmed that he has lots of these that came off houses after the
terrestrial 2.4GHz TV service went out of business. He has agreed to work
with the local AR club to get these into the hands of locals.

He also says that there are other places in Australia where they are common,
but likely to be coming out of service in the next year, so if I or someone
else here in Australia can "get these going" and put up a local How-To site
then there is likely to be quite a bit of 2.4GHz receive in VK.

I will gladly take advice on what to do.

For instance, has anyone put a site up with advice on fixing their Conifer
or Pacific Monolithics? I realise that I should search the AMSAT-BB archive
for past postings, and I will do that, too.

With thanks,


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