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Hi Folks,

My attempt to subscribe to the MARS-NET List using info from the April
issue of CQ-Magazine, pg-57 failed.  I copied the error message, below.

I wonder if anyone on this list knows if this is the correct address for
the server?  I was subscribed to this list back in 1996 for the MGS mission
and there will be a repeat soon on the Mars Odyssey s/c to be launched
tomorrow.  At 20 Million km from earth the Odyssey s/c will test its 437.1
MHz UHF Relay Tx.  This is an opportunity to see how weak a signal you are
able to receive.  It likely will take an eme-class antenna system to detect
the carrier.  Many did just that with MGS at 10M-km in Nov. 1996.

Mision web page:  http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/odyssey/mission/
UHF Relay test manager: Dr. John Callas


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