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Re: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS (upload only)?

Dale Coleman wrote:

> Now jumping the gun a bit, provided this would work what is involved
> in porting a DOS program to the Palm OS?  Now that would be
> something! PacSat in your pocket.

Well, I would say NOT VERY EASY.  It gets somewhat easier if:
  1) you have the source code to the DOS program
  2) the DOS program is written in C
  3) you are an experienced C programmer
  4) you have a fast internet connection to download a ton of free
     software development tools (many megabytes)
  5) the program interacts minimally with DOS or the underlying
     hardware/software environment of DOS
  6) you are willing to obtain and read some rather extensive books
     on Palm programming and teach yourself a lot about it

Most of the above applies to me, and I still have yet to successfully
write my first Palm application in C.

I bought a copy of a program development tool called NS Basic, and
even though I strongly dislike BASIC and greatly enjoy C programming,
I was able to create a Palm program with it in under an hour.  (Not
as complicated a program as what you're looking at, to be sure, but
a working program nevertheless.)  This development tool will be
even easier for an experienced Visual Basic programmer to use, since
the development environment seems similar to VB.  (I have only
dabbled in VB, being a die-hard C programmer myself.)  Anyway, you
may want to check it out.  Usual disclaimers apply (not an agent of
the company, no financial interest, yada yada).

Good luck with your project.  I hope to develop a Palm hosted
satellite tracking program that is NOT limited to LEO's like
PocketSat is, and that DOES provide at least textual display of
doppler adjustments, if not outright serial port radio control
of doppler.  But that is a long way off, so please, no emails
begging to know when it will be ready!  ;-)

John Toscano, KB0ZEV
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