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RE: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS (upload only)?

At 08:34 AM 4/5/01, you wrote:

Hi Chris and the group, thanks to all that responded to my original post.

The following answer from Chris brings the question to mind - could the PG 
program be used by itself for uploading only?

This could still be useful for portable operations and could buy some time 
while we wait for Kenwood to update the TH-D7 (h)?

If anybody thinks this might work I will experiment with it this weekend.

Now jumping the gun a bit, provided this would work what is involved in 
porting a DOS program to the Palm OS?  Now that would be something! PacSat 
in your pocket.

BTW - I was thinking of handling the Doppler by hand using memory channels.

>PG doesn't use KISS - but it can only be used for uploading.
>PB does use KISS and is used for all downloading from the PACSats
>What about using the PG DOS programs instead of WiSP to make the TH-D7G
>work better on the PacSats?
>I have not used the PG programs but after a quick look in the back of my
>Amsat Digital Satellite Guide it looks like the PG programs might not use
>KISS, there are lots of TNC config samples that lead me to think this.

Dale Coleman
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