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Re: AIDC-2733 gain measurement

Hi, Pieter.  I'm sorry to have missed your earlier post.  Between you
and Laura and Mahlon I think I have enough information to get the VCO
to lock at 2400MHz- and I'll have time to try it tomorrow night.
Thanks!  John  W5EME

Pieter Ibelings wrote:
> I have posted a message with info on the prescaler. To make the oscillator
> go to 2400 measure the voltage on the round test pad between the resistors
> marked 510 and 103. This is the lock voltage that you want to keep very
> close to the voltage found in an unmodified unit. Insert the new crystal and
> the VCO should try to lock moving the output frequency as high as it can.
> >From your email it sounds like it does not reach 2400. Go to the etched
> inductor (looks like a sine wave) and short some of the wavy lines together.
> Do this while observing the lock voltage. You should be able to reduce the
> inductance enough to make it lock at 2400.
> Pieter N4IP
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