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Re: Reverse-engineering the AIDC-3733 VCO

Hi, Laura.  Thanks for the info.  This squares with everything
discovered so far.  No doubt now, the VCO is a discrete
component design.  I hope to move it's upper limit upwards
by monkeying with the printed inductor.
Thanks again-  John  W5EME

laura halliday wrote:
> John Harrington wrote:
> >The part which must be the VCO and divide-by-256 is a little
> >8-pin SM package (tiny!) with the markings '510',  '9612',
> >and 'M53' on it, but no manufacturers' logo.  I think the
> >'9612' is the code date, and the '510' and 'M53' identify
> >it. Can anyone point me to a manufacturer or data
> >sheet?
> Fujitsu MB510 2.7 GHz dual-modulus prescaler.
> Since the application doesn't require frequency agility,
> they won't be using the dual-modulus part - just wire it
> for /256 (pin 3 open, pin 6 to Vcc) and be done with it.
> The VCOs in these products are usually made from discrete
> components.
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