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RE: auto Doppler tuning software

> I have observed that very few analog satellite operators use 
> full Doppler tuning.  I would like to do whatever I can to 
> encourage MORE satellite operators to start using automatic 
> Doppler tuning.  One way I can do that is to collect and 
> publicize information about available Doppler tuning freeware 
> applications.

Nice sentiment, but what about those of us who operate free from the
shackles of our shack computers, and/or use older equipment?

It will probably be _years_ before I am able to use computer Doppler
compensation.  The computing requirements aren't far off (hopefully will
have a laptop soon - surplus to some company's needs), but won't have one of
those fancy (read expensive) satellite rigs for years to come.

> I need help from amsat-bb members to identify the software, 
> define all the relevant questions, and then finally to help 
> answer the questions.  I would then present the results 
> (hopefully on a WWW page) for everyone's reference.

We need to look at low cost radio hardware as well, IMHO.  That's going to
be the real barrier for me in the long run.
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