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RE: auto Doppler tuning software

I have observed that very few analog satellite operators use full Doppler tuning.  I would like to do whatever I can to encourage MORE satellite operators to start using automatic Doppler tuning.  One way I can do that is to collect and publicize information about available Doppler tuning freeware applications.

I need help from amsat-bb members to identify the software, define all the relevant questions, and then finally to help answer the questions.  I would then present the results (hopefully on a WWW page) for everyone's reference.

I want to limit my focus strictly to low-cost (preferably freeware) software solutions for automatic Doppler tuning.  For radios with serial ports, the only hardware required is a serial cable between the computer and the radio.  I don't want to cover the various tracker/tuner hardware packages which are already somewhat well-known.

Below is a list of Doppler tuning programs that I think meet this criteria.  All but SatPC32 can be downloaded from the AMSAT-NA WWW site. 

Add-ons to "host" satellite tracking programs:
1. Instant Tune (for InstantTrack)
2. RadioDRV 1.32 and 1.32a (for InstantTrack)
3. WPRAIRIE 2.1 (for WinOrbit)
4. FT7361 (for WinOrbit)
5. DDE Client 3.0b (for WiSP)
6. FODtrack (for any program that runs KCT drivers)

Tracking programs that include Doppler tuning:
1. The Station Program
2. MacDoppler 3.8.8
3. SatPC32

...what else is out there?

Here are the questions that I think would be relevant:

1. Supports full Doppler tuning? Yes/no
2. Supports transmit and receive converters?  Yes/no
3. Shares keps and user interface with map display?   Yes/no
4. Separate host satellite tracking program required?  Yes/no
5. Supports antenna tracker hardware?  Yes/no
6. Supports tuning across analog transponders?  Yes/no

7. Radio models supported?
    The answer choices for each radio would be any of:
    A. transparent (use radio knobs to tune across analog transponders)
    B. keyboard (use keyboard to tune across analog transponders)
    C. mouse (use mouse to tune across analog transponders)
    D. radio not supported

    Icom 820/821
    Icom 910
    Icom 275/475, etc.
    Kenwood TS-790
    Kenwood TS-2000
    Yaesu FT-736
    Yaesu FT-847
    Radios with up/down tuning interface
    ...other specific models?

8. Host software supported:
    Instant Track
    ...any other popular programs?

9.  Operating system compatibility:
       Windows 3.1
       Windows 95/98/ME
       Windows 2000
       Windows NT

Please send me your suggestions for additional Doppler tuning programs and/or additional questions that would be relevant.  After the questions are defined I will do some research to answer as many questions as I can, then ask amsat-bb members to help answer the remaining questions.

Does anybody else think it would be useful to have a Doppler tuning compatibility matrix?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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