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RE: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS?

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Howard Long wrote:

> > mode, then you probably have to send the ESCAPE KISS command first... and
> > then reset KISS and then send the RESET command.
> I'm assuming that an ESCAPE KISS command byte string resets all the KISS
> buffers, so I'd suggest you'll suffer some leakage of data. If you only need
> to do it a couple of times during the pass, not such a big deal. I don't

Due to the crude 5 Khz steps, You only have 4 QSY points after starting at
-10 KHz.  The original D7 (maybe the G also) doess a full TNC re-init each
time you put it back into TNC mode from Command mode.  This takes a full 4
seconds.  The D700 mobile does not do this, so it is pretty quick.

Yes you may lose some packets, but the cut ones will have bad CRC, and so
will be ignored...


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