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RE: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS?

Hi Bob

> I think you send it "TC 0" and "TC 1" which will switch between TNC and
> RADIO mode, just send them on the serial port.  If the radio is in KISS
> mode, then you probably have to send the ESCAPE KISS command first... and
> then reset KISS and then send the RESET command.

> Details are found at Jim Gill's site:   http://jgav.com/ham/tmd700a.htm

Yes I was aware of that info... and it's certainly a way I'd been
considering for a couple of months now.

I'm assuming that an ESCAPE KISS command byte string resets all the KISS
buffers, so I'd suggest you'll suffer some leakage of data. If you only need
to do it a couple of times during the pass, not such a big deal. I don't
know, however, what Wisp would think to its KISS stream being interrupted

This leads me to the one sticking point... can we intercept the Wisp data
stream without upsetting Wisp - Wisp (as far as I know) will only talk to
COM ports - now unless I write a virtual COM port driver (very messy!), or
maybe someone knows another way?? If you need to intercept the Wisp stream
you'd need to also do some semi-smart interpretation so you didn't interrupt
a packet in mid transmission/reception, which could leave MSPE in a rather
nasty state.

73 Howard G6LVB

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