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RE: IPS for Linux or Java


> Oh, come on guys.. someone needs to write a 1802 IHU *EMULATOR* for Linux
> (not Windoze, darn it!).  That's the real mans way to have an "Oscar" on
> your desk!  If they can emulate a GameBoy on a Palm Pilot (which they do),
> this should be a piece of cake.

You took the words right out of my mouth. You beat me to it!

In the past I've written two emulators, one for a Z80 and one for a whole

Emulating a whole PC is rather difficult as not only do you have to support
a couple of undocumented 80x86 features (which Microsoft _do_ use), you have
to emulate UARTs, interrupt controllers, video, keyboard hardware etc etc.
That was a three month full time project.

The Z80 was quite easy, taking well under a week, and I'd imagine the 1802
would be similar.

Sorry, I'm not offering to do this one! I'm a firm believer in having in
depth experience in what you're trying to emulate prior to writing an
emulator, and I've never programmed an 1802.

A very interesting project none the less.

73 Howard G6LVB

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